Joker makeup complete tutorial

joker makeup
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joker makeup

Joker Makeup

Today I will give you some easy, nice, and smart ways that will help you in transforming yourself into a joker by doing joker makeup.

Step 1

Make sure that your skin is really clean and not Oily by making all makeup and dust off with a damp soapy towel then dry.

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Step 2

To get scars first start with Mehron modeling wax. Scrap out a chunk off the wax and then warm it up in your hands and shape it with your fingers. This will make it stickier and easier to shape your face. When you are done shaping it press it to your cheeks net to your mouth, once press it on your cheeks smooth the edges by spreading the wax take your time sculpting it into the desired shape and smoothing out the edges. Do the same thing for the other side of the mouth. Use a damp paper towel to help smooth the wax and after that wet a popsicle stick so it does not stick to the wax and press indentations into the scars repeat on the other side as well.

Step 3

Moving onto our next step use some liquid latex to seal the wax. Apply a light coat cover over and around the scar wax.

Step 4

best joker makeup

While the liquid latex dry use a glue stick to cover the hairs of your eyebrows. Furthermore, used a glue stick to seal around the latex. Make it last longer and smooth it out more and let it all dry.

Step 5

joker makeup tutorial

Trace black shapes around your eyes with an eyeliner pencil to mark with an eyeliner pencil. To mark where the black makeup will be applied and also draw some quick black lines. Mark where you will add the eye wrinkles.

Step 6

It is time to put your hair up to put onto put on the wig. First, put your hair up in a wig cap. Clip it so it does not slide off then take a glue stick to coat the hairline to protect it from stronger glue later. Next put the second wig cap to compress your hair. Now put on the joker wig. Just slide that onto the wig then take some Pros-Aide adhesive to glue it down. Apply the Pros-Aide under and over the edge bold cap part of the wig.

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Step 7

Once the adhesive is dry take this clown with Mehron Cream makeup and begin applying it all over your face while applying it avoid going in the black lines around your eyes also avoid your mouth and the center of scar wax. Just keep applying until you are satisfied with the coverage.

Step 8

Once face paint is done. Take a palette and use brown powder and apply it to your hairline to blend it better. Following some black eyeliner and tight line your eyes by using a Q-tip to wipe off some of the adhesive paint where wrinkles would be. Do this on your forehead, between your brow bones, your nose labial folds, and on the sides of your eyes as well.

Step 9

Now use the Mehron water-activated paint palette for the colors black and red for the best joker makeup. Wet the paint a little bit and use a brush to apply your face and start with black paint and apply it to your eyes. After applying base off start adding details and shape to it. You can be as messy as you want with it. Just add some wrinkles around the edges and drag it up over one to make it look smeared. Now dab the brush repeatedly to make the makeup look blotchy. Use a Q-tip again to drag smear the black makeup and create more. Afterward use the light brown powder to contour your face start with the sides of your forehead between your eyes and under your brow bone, down the side of your nose to make it look wider and make wrinkles.

Step 10

Next, use the red paint by wetting it a bit then applying it to your lips also drag the paint to your centers of the scars. When you are happy with the general shape and start smearing the edges and making them look messier. Now take a brown powder and contour your jawline and also go down the center of your neck to create shadows that will make it masculine and touch some of the colors and wrinkles on your face. Thereafter take a fine tip black liquid eyeliner and sharpen and define your wrinkles around your eyes in addition to you need to use a light brown liner pencil and define some of the skin tones and now you are completely transformed.

This would be enough for a confident joker makeup!

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