How To Trim The Moustache| Best Way To Trim Moustache

how to trim the moustache
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how to trim the moustache

How to trim the moustache is the most famous question of moustache men’s. Here is the best way to trim moustache. The beard is one of the features that has been getting the bad rap over the years, which is because the wrong style ‘stache can come out like a thumbs up, but you can avoid everything by knowledge on how to keep yours in good paper. What do you think is the essence of a mini-beard would be easy to break; However, there are a few key points on how to trim your beard so that it blends well with your face, both in shape and length.

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how to trim a handlebar mustache

To get the whole story of how to trim your mustache like an expert, we talked with Anthony Mink and Spencer Davis, the founders of Live Bearded, to take us through the whole process contents, from preparation to quality.

Whether you have already kicked a beard or decided to grow one and join names like ‘stched stars like Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck, Brad Pitt, and James Franco, our guide will how cutting your beard will have you identified in no time
What You Need

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how to trim moustache with beard

Mustache Wax: According to Mink and Davis, no beard is famous or inferior. They recommend LiveBearded’s all-natural Mustache Wax, a versatile shaping wax that can be used to train and hold your beard in a photo shoot or fix some of the wrong hair. You will also need some wax for hygiene.
Trimmer: No matter what length and style of mustache you’re after, you will need a power trimmer with multiple length trimmers to get a clear cut.
Scissors: If you are looking to grow a long style mustache – a handlebar, for example – a pair of high-quality beard scissors is a must.
Comb: A good comb with fine teeth is essential for proper beard care.
Timing: Mink and Davis said that one of the biggest mistakes men make when cutting their mustaches is to rush. Setting aside time to enjoy this is just the key to taking care of yourself properly.

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how to trim a long mustache

How to Trim Your moustache

combing mustache

Start by combing your mustache downward so that all the hair is laid. Then take your trimmers and start trimming the middle, slightly.

how to trim moustache with electric shaver

Start with the trim

Work left and right about the width of your nose, and let everything on the outside stay longer. A mustache wax will instruct the hair to stay out of your mouth and, over time, give you a killer style.

how to trim a thin mustache

Scissor Precision

When you reach the end, use your scissors to scoop even the end as close as you can. Use wax to pull all the hair together and make a blunt, even cut across the two contrasting ends

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how to trim moustache with beard


Before cutting, men agree to throw it in your beard to see what you are working with. Like the hair on our head, the beard will look very different when wet or not clean. Keep the wax in while you’re trimming will help your precision.
Also, before you even touch a pair of scissors or a trimmer, you need to determine what type of mustache you’re after. If it is a longer, handlebar-type style, you just need to cut the hair in the middle of your lips so that the hair on the back grows longer or curl.

How to trim moustache when growing beard

How to Trim the Mustache

Think of the end goal. How you go about trimming a mustache is determined by what you’re after. Are you just holding the ‘stache you have now? Do you want it to be full? How long? Wide in some places? Does it still grow into your need, but does it need guidance and styling? All this will be about how you track each of the other steps.

Wash and comb. No matter how you trimming, you should start with a fresh washed and dried canvas. So, wash your face first (one facial wash will suffice), and then a towel to dry. If the beard is long enough, comb through it (along with the decorative teeth) so that all the hair lay straight and come untangled. Then give it a few minutes to dry – it is important to have dry hair when cutting.

How to trim moustache with scissors

Remove more: The easiest way to balance is to still wear a beard trimmer with the guard of your choice – marking the best length you can keep your beard. Then you can hear the details better or a short trimmings around. No trimmer? No problem: to help control the volume of your beard, use a comb to lift the hairs and kiss them for extended periods of time.

How to trim moustache edges

Length Removal: The easiest way to control the length is to comb the hair. This gives you an idea of ​​where you need to cut-like, anything that falls on the lips. You can then use your scissors or trimmer to trim the ends of the hair until you need it. For symmetry purposes, it is best to work your way from the outside to the middle, and then again from the opposite direction.

How to trim moustache sides

Clean area: Use a flat head or bare T-blade on a trimmer to help define clean lines around your beard, including directly under the nose. You may need to clean this edge several times a week, too, to control the stubble as it sprouts.
Think longer ends: If you want to have a face curl – or even a slight curl at the end – then grow the outer hair longer than the inside. This will give you the desired length of the end to style it upwards with some wax.
Slow down: Even if you do this once or twice a week, a simple slip of the hand can cause damage to your beard, and may require you to start at naked face.

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