How to look Asian with makeup

How to look Asian with makeup
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How to look Asian with makeup

Here I am going to give you some tips and tricks on how to look Asian with makeup. Make-up is a way of expressing someone using the product. To enhance the self-dignity and confidence of somebody, makeup is used as a beauty aid. Make-up has been an important part of human beings since ancient Egyptian create the first cosmetics product in the whole world. The first advanced product was made from copper and lead.

The world’s largest Pacific e-g Asia has great importance for the beauty and care product. According to the report:- “Asia is contributing 39% of the global total, in cosmetics and makeup.” As compared to other pacific’s, Asian’s used more cosmetic products and make-up item, to present there self in front of the world. They have to look more gorgeous, which suits the personality of the people. And everyone in this world needs a better-looking face. To apply Asian’s make up you should be professional and expert.

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Apply any whitening Cream

Asians use different kinds of techniques or ideas to apply Asian make-up, and first of all, you must need tone cream to hide the short comes of the faces. And you can also apply base in Asian’s face to adjust the shape of the facial features.

eye makeup to look Asian

The first step of eye make-up is the “EYES SHADOW”.The colors of eye shadow must not need to match your outfit. So always choose a color that suits you and apply it wisely. Usually for Asian looks, the light colors of shades because these colors are extremely acceptable. Put the suitable color under the arch of the eyebrow to give some emphasis, and apply the shadow with the brush and blend it. The blending of the shadows is also a risky and rough job.

The last step is to apply eyelashes and “MUSKARA” which is the eyes task. Maskara makes your eyes attractive and enhances the eyes. To elongate your eyes, use “EYELINER” of good quality. To apply liner start it from one corner of the eye and draw a line until you reach the other corner and take a curve if needed. Eyeliner is the optional choice, it is not so important.

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Use blush on yo look Asian with makeup

The very next step of ASIAN’S makeup, you can apply blush, which is an important item to most women. To apply a blush you must take a brush (BLUSH BRUSH) and apply the blush on visible bones of the cheeks with the help of a brush.

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The last step of makeup is to applying lipstick. To make the look expressive, you must apply lipstick. To express yourself stylish and gorgeous you apply lipstick. Lipstick colors depend on the seasons. Mostly dark colors are used in summer. So, you can apply lipstick according to the season. Lipstick makes you more gorgeous younger and fresher. Instead of lipstick, you can use “LIP-GLOSS” beca

use lip gloss makes your lips wet Nowadays, mostly ASIAN’S uses lip tint to enhance the beauty of the lips.

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After applying lipstick, your fabulous and ASIAN’S look is ready. Now it is necessary to learn the “TRICKY KOREANS MAKE UP” for the Asians because nowadays the whole world fell in love with Korean makeup. Asian women should learn this look of Makeup due to it. Psychology is also interlinked with makeup .and According to the survey, 48% of the women use Makeup because they like the way they look with it. And 32% went as far to say that it “MAKES THEM FEEL GOOD” And according to the psychological facts “MAKE-UO BOOSTS UP THE IMMUNE SYSTEM”.

WRITER: Shabana Zeb ( BSC-FTZ College)


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