Harley Quinn red and black makeup

Harley Quinn red and black makeup
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Harley Quinn red and black

Here is complete tutorial about Harley Quinn red and black makeup. Harley Quin is a fictional character of many movies

Gotham City Sirens, suicide squad, and birds of prey.

And in the movie suicide squad, her transition from a psychiatrist to a psycho lover of Joker (who was her patient) caught the attention of the audience.

But on top of all her get-up theme as joker clown made us all obsessed with her. People now generally used Harley Quinn makeover as a Halloween costume. And among them, we mostly found people attracted to Harley Quinn Red and Black makeup.

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So, here I bring many ideas related to this “Harley Quinn Red and Black makeup” topic for my ASOMA family.


Harley Quinn red and black makeup



1) Two Silk Fabrics Of Red And Black Color

2) Red And Black Thread

3) Invisible Or Black Zip

4) ALot Of Plastic Wraps

5) Scissor And A Marker


So to make a Harley Quinn jester hood, put alot of plastic wrap around your head, face, and neck. but don’t forget to cut out your eyes, nose, and lips. As I don’t want dead Little clowns (hah! not funny I know)

Now take a marker and divide that mask into four sections that are from the “left and right ear to neck” and “front and back of your head to the neck”, then draw an open face area with a marker.

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Harley Quinn red and black makeup

Now take a round-end scissor and cut it out, but be careful with your face, and now cut your pattern.

Take one piece from the front and one piece of the back, and cut out the same pattern on a piece of white chart or paper(just for your convenience)

With all those patterns cut out your red fabric.


Now take your front head fabric and back head fabric right side together and sew them. So here your one side is ready, made up of red fabric.

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Harley Quinn red and black makeup

Put both red and black headpiece right side together and sew the front neck to the upper side of the head, So now your headpiece from the front side is done.


Now the next step is the zipper. Unzip it, place its head upward and teeth downwards. Sew the right side of the zipper to the left side of the fabric, when it is done flip the left side of the zipper 2 times and sew it on the right side of the fabric.

If sew it correctly zipper will no longer visible now. 

And now your hood is ready.

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Now for horns, on a white paper or chart make two big straight triangles, but the base of the triangle must have the same curve as the side of your head fabric.

 Cut the fabrics of horns accordingly. Now take the pieces of your horns and place them right side together and sew them together (don’t sew the base ). Now turn it inside out.

Take a pair of round scissors to push the fabric to make it pointy. Fill them with cotton or with padding stuff.

Where the hoody and trace with chalk where you want horns to be cut those circles and sew them with hoody like a sleeve on a shirt.

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Things you’ll need in Harley Quinn red and black makeup:

  • white face paint
  • black body paint
  •  setting spray or powder 
  • dark red lipstick
  • gray or fog colored eye shadow 
  • black eye pencil
  • mascara and long eyelashes
  • red blush

White base:

Apply white face paint all over your face and set it

now remove the white paint from your face and eyelids. 

(because it will be long lasting when you apply lipstick or eyeshadow on your bare skin as compared to the body paint)

Now set all of the white paint with a setting powder or with a setting spray, anything handy.


Now for your lips use black body paint.

I like the style of overdrawing lips because it gives me more of a clown look. with an angle, brush make a little extended line from the bottom lip then continue to line your lip. 

once your outer edge seems perfect, take a dark red lipstick and apply it to the inside of your lips, and blend it a bit with a black outline.

and now your lips are done.


Firstly prime your eyelids so your shadow will be long-lasting. Now take a black eye pencil and cover your entire eyelid black. Also apply it to your water line.

On the upper eyelid for the transition from white to black use, a dark gray or fog colored eye shadow and blend it in between,

Now apply it all over your eyeliner to set it and prevent it from getting creased. Just tap it on your eyeliner and make it smoke out of the top.

Take the same eyeshadow and smoke out your bottom line, and make sure to blend in a smooth nice curve.

(just make your whole eye black)

Now apply thick mascara on your upper and lower eyelashes and then apply a pretty thick and long eyelash for a dramatic look.

Blush and highlighter:

So now to break up this white-looking face, It is blush on time. Dab your brush into red blush on and take a small amount of it, remove the excess now apply this blush on your cheeks.

For highlighter, it is a bit hard to chose a perfect highlighter for totally white skin, so I will recommend you to use Galaxy mist it is liquid illuminating beauty oil.

But you will found it good as a highlighter because it is glittery, So dab it on the places you want to highlight.


So for the mask, you have two options.

1) Apply a black mask on your face

2) Made a black mask on your face

Here I will tell you how to make a mask on your face.

To draw the mask using black body paint and angle brush first outline the mask, and also outline near to your eyes.

 Now(as a highlighter) use white body paint and apply it to both sides of the mask, you can then go ahead and fill the mask with black body paint. if you want more highlights on your mask you can surely add them.



1)Apply your contact lens before starting your makeup 

2) Before applying body paint don’t apply any lotion, any primer, any toner anything. 

3) Use body paint with a liquid set instead of water it will make it more waterproof and long-lasting

4) To define the mask use gray eyeshadow and them right underneath the mask to create a slight shadow on your face.



So now here I bring the wild messy Harley Quinn Makeup for my angles, So let’s get started




  • Primer
  • your favorite foundation
  • contour powder or stick
  • face powder or setting powder
  • liquid or powder highlighter
  • red or pink blush
  • red lipstick
  • dark brown eyebrow pencil and brush
  • red and black eyeshade
  • red and black eye glitter(optional)
  • False eyelashes and lenses(optional)
  • Black liquid eyeliner
  • black and red hair spray or hair chalk


First of all, moisturize and prime your face to keep your makeup long-lasting and avoids cracks.

Secondly, take your favorite foundation and apply it gently on your face with a foundation brush. As Harly Quinn has pale skin, apply a white foundation along with your regular one.

Apply concealer underneath your eyes and dark spot or pimples(if any)

now fix your base with setting powder along with the light yellow powder.


Counter your checks bones, around your nose and tip of it, underneath of your lips, define your jawline as well and your beauty bone(collar bones),. and blend it smoothly with your fingers or soft counter brush.

So now for highlighter, apply your favorite shimmery highlighter above your cheeks bones, chin, on the bridge of the nose, and above and under of your eyebrows.


Apply some eyebrow wax firstly on your eyebrows so that color will be stick on them.

Brush your eyebrows and apply a dark brown eyebrow pencil to them. 

As Harley’s eyebrows are thick and angled in shape so, give your brows proper dimensions and fill them carefully.


Apply a layer of concealer or white eyeshadow on your eyelids, because this will made eyeshadow more pigmented. 

Apply Red eye shadow on your right eyelid up to the crease, you can apply it with your finger or with any eyeshadow brush and blend it over your crease.

now apply the same red eyeshadow in a messy way underneath your eyes and for splattering drag this shadow downward. 

Yes, it will be messy but It is Harley Quinn we are talking about, 

Do the same steps on your left eye.

But be careful to use a separate brush for each color otherwise it will give you undesired muddy color.


To give your eyes some dimensions apply liquid black eyeliner on top of your lash line and give it a nice winged shape. also apply it to the bottom of your eyes. 

Now take black eye shadow and blend it from the corners of eyes, which will give some smoky effect.

Apply a white pencil inside your eyes(on the waterline) this will enhance your eyes and give you a doll-like look.

Another option is to apply a black eye pencil on the waterline if you like a more smoky look.

Now for the glitter apply glitter glue on your right eyelid wet your brush and apply red glitter on top of it. Take your time to apply it gently and follow the shape of eyeshadow.

  • Tip:

if glitters are fallen on other areas remove them with the help of scotch tape.

Once you are satisfied with your glamorous look apply mascara and false lashes to your eyes.


Outline your lips with a black lip pencil and apply normally red glossy lipstick to your lips. Once your done, with your finger or cotton swab or small eyeshadow brush, smudge your lipstick a bit out of your lips. And you are done. 

Now for tattoos, you have t2 options here

1) Either you use ready-made tattoos

2) Draw it

so for drawing it is better to use a black eyeliner marker which is very handy and easy to use. Make the outli9ne of a small heart on top of your right cheekbone underneath your eyes and fill it black.

And for the ROTTEN tattoo, it’s better to take the help of your friend, because if you draw it by yourself seeing it in the mirror it will be drawn backward.

If you don’t have any friend nearby you then write the Rotten in a backward form on the paper, look at the mirror and start drawing like it underneath your right cheekbone just above the jawline.

So here your Harley Quinn red and black makeup are done, So move to the hairstyle.


If your hairs are not in blonde or dull golden color then you can surely use Harley Quinn Wig or simply DIY it.

But if you are having blonde or dull golden hairs then follow the steps.

If you want some bounce in your hairs gives them some curl.

after curling, your hairs divide them into two halves and tie them in two piggy tails.

now for the hair color, you have two options

Hair chalks: Take chalks of two different colors as you like but here I will use black and red chalk because it’s the theme. 

Rub red chalk on the bottom half of the right pony and rub black chalk on the bottom half of the left side of your pony. 

Rub them thoroughly until the color is dark or you satisfy with the color.

HAIR SPRAY: For hair spray, you first follow the precautions

  • Use hair color spray instead of regular paint or colored spray
  • Apply plastic or rubber or transparent hand gloves before you start spraying.
  •   Better to care for the background, put some plastic wrap or white chart behind you when you are applying it 


So now apply red hair spray on your half of the right pony and black spray on the left side of your pony. 

apply them carefully.

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